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Rubber Safety Play and Sports Mats: Specification

We produce composite rubber safety mats that are manufactured from high grade environmentally friendly recycled rubber. The rubber is granulated, sieved and graded and comprises 90% of the finished mat. The other 10% being polyurethane moisture curing pre-polymer.

The moulding process and stringent quality control ensures that all the safety mats achieve a consistent dimension, thickness, mass, and most importantly, performance. Mats are made by hand at our English depot, most are made to order.

A special feature of our safety mats are the 144 circular feet on the 30 & 40mm mats and the 144 hollow cone feet on the moulded base of the 50/60/70 & 80mm mats. These improve the critical fall height, and absorb much of the energy of a fall. This allows their installation in a wide range of play areas and sports arenas. The feet also allow drainage and improve air flow under the mats.

Our safety mats are manufactured to the highest standards, and come in a range thickness from 20mm to 80mm. This ensures that the surface meets the specified critical fall height, over any size area, and on all installations.

A wide variety of colours and designs are available and we can include coloured insert shapes, games or logos as well as full bright colour EPDM topped mats. We can also supply ramped edge mats to allow easy access for wheel chairs etc. and reduce the trip hazard.

Note; All mats are grooved on the surface and have arrised edges, when laid they look like 500 x 500mm tiles.

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