PJP Rubber Animal Enclosures, Safety Play & Sports Mats

Rubber Safety Play and Sports Mats: Colour Options

Standard Colours, natural black is the cheapest, the Red & Green mats have a dye mixed with the black granulate.

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Fleck Guide

Coloured granulate (colour guide left) is added to the Black mix to produce a mat which is generally Black with coloured granulate throughout the mat, to give a spotty finish of colour to the mat. Any mix of colours can be selected.

NEW RANGE Full EPDM coloured topped mats, some samples of the coloured granulate above.

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Decorative Inserts

Please enquire for the full range of decorative inserts including, letters, numbers, games and personalised logos. Many designs and colours. Inserts are moulded into the mats at time of manufacture.

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Ramp edge mats

Ramp edge mats, ramps are moulded into the One metre square mats, either one side or corner (two sides) not available on mats under 20mm thick.

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