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PJP Rubber was established in 1992, specialising in the supply of high quality, durable Rubber Matting slabs for use in stables and other animal enclosures. All our products are British made from 100% recycled Rubber.

We feel that these slabs, which are our own perfected design, are one of the best on the market, and are probably the only slabs which are specially designed as a full bedding system for horse stables. They may not be cheap to start with, but will save many hours in mucking out time over their long life time. They will also aid recovery from injury, are always non-slip and will save horse shoe wear.

Stable Slabs - Horses with allergies, mainly due to the dust in many types of bedding, still require a non slip floor covering in their stable, laying on a cold, wet concrete floor is not suitable. The type of rubber slabs we supply are suitable for use without any other form of bedding.


Stable slabs are generally natural black. Mats for other uses can be supplied, Black, standard dyed Grass Green or Brick Red. We can also supply Special colour fleck mats, these are black mats with bright EPDM coloured rubber granulate added to the mix to give a fleck finish.

Full EPDM colour topped mats, these have a full colour top, many colours available.


All mats can be made with the addition of colour inserts, many shapes & colours available, including games, letters & numbers. Single or corner ramp mats (not under 30mm thick) to aid access and remove trip edge are made to order, the ramp is formed in the mat itself.

Loose crumb rubber is metal fragment free. The crumb or granulate can be supplied in a number of grades, from powders up to 20mm chips. Examples include, 0.5 - 2.0mm for artificial turf infill, grass dressings. 1-3mm as used in our slabs/mats. 2-8mm or 15/20mm chunky which is used as a dressing for horse sand schools, lunge rings, walkers etc. Various sizes & grades for play areas, non slip paths, woodland walkways and garden dressings.

PJP Rubber CORPORATE MEMBER of The Guild of Master craftsmen.